Functional Health

•Macro and Micro Nutrients list all vitamins A – Z• Minerals •Fibers (basic bulk fibers and functional fibers for blocking absorption of bad fats) •Calories, Proteins, Fats, Oils••Functions nutrients/antioxidants and related nutrients (pull down) •Sports and performance nutrition (pull down)•Teleo Logical (pull down) ••New tastes for food snacks and beverages•Food for memory, longevity – heart health •Food and tastes together apply to longevity, heart health, enjoyment of life (add reason for new taste) Change your life enjoy new taste, you have the power to choose what you eat. •Add functionality to your spices – ingredient kings – •New tastes and functions for your health •Stan bio – organic farming, Wholly Foods,

Queen of New Cuisines

•Anthony Bourdain media stars of global tastes, awareness of local taste in various cultures – influencers •Place in Berkeley the lady – world famous restaurant – new cuisine Chez Panisse – Alice Waters 50 years ago Fifty Years Ago, Berkeley Restaurant Chez Panisse Launched the Farm-to-Table Movement | Innovation | Smithsonian Magazine•Queen of New Cuisine the Queens & Kings of New Cuisines (pull down) •New taste through seasoning and preparation•How does cooking impact taste •Seasonings – spices – salt – peppers – herbs – condiments – combinations, how they are combined and prepared together synchronic or in tandem separately or then combined and all other options for making a dish – temperature and post preparation added to make it then taste different. Options to add a new taste in that process •Inflection points in food preparation where tastes can be added or modified