The No Bad Fat™ Reactive Lipid Breakthrough​


NoBad™ Fat is a product that follows Future Food's pioneering success with CardioBar, a natural alternative to statins; designed for persons intolerant to that category of medication, based on a JAMA aricle, Diet First, Then Medication.

Product Line

The second focus on oxidated lipids is No Bad™ Fat, combining some of the LDL lowering ingredients as well as specific compounds that ameliorate the side effects of fried foods, especially where items such as french fires use fat that is partially rancid.

About Future Foods

Future Foods® , Inc. (FFI) was created 43 years ago, in 1981, to address the need for pioneering new products based on current research and available raw materials to produce effective supplements and food sources. Future Foods® are in fact often ancient foods, often presented in new forms. Cranberries, for example, are excellent for a variety of anti bacterial applications. Future Foods launched the first pill that contained the equivalent activity of a whole bottle of cranberry juice, without the added sugar. Ancient food became a future food in a new format.
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