San Francisco, 1979

The Beginning

Future Foods initial focus began with pioneering new supplements in patient care, starting with lifestyle use cases, ranging from sleeplessness that saw our supplier import the first melatonin into the US, author the initial text Clinical Uses of Antioxidant Therapy focused on immune status, leading to the development of the first Transfer Factor supplement, The Inducer.

This was licensed and sold over $4B in the following decades where Future Foods managed supply, production, and line extensions.

1980's - 1990's

The Next Steps

Research showed the active components in marine lipids were beneficial for heart health, inflammation, and a variety of additional use cases. Future Foods was an original developer of soft gels sold in the US and Asia 4 decades ago, as well as pioneering initial berry extracts commercially, along with licensing from the USDA beta glucan rich soluble fiber, and a product line that became sold as FutureCeuticals.

1990's - Current

Product Development

More developments lead to Future Foods pioneering high Genistein, non-GMO isoflavone extracts, competing effectively with major US food companies.

This success caused the competition to acquire and dominate the IP to keep Future Foods out of their way. Interesting is that we had prior art, however the battle would detract us from more productive pioneering endeavors.