Current Products


 CardioBar™ accomplishes its goals of being both "heart healthy", convenient, and  delicious by using the very best ingredients in a formula designed to be a source of nutritionally active plant based functional food components  

Raw Materials


Future Foods® , Inc. is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and providing to the various markets cutting edge raw materials and a branded line of products with these ingredients along with   synergistic items.  We specialize in material for the various delivery systems you require.

The Portfolio Diet


The Portfolio Diet is a proven alternative food regime that evidence has shown can help lower cholesterol as well as prescription statin drugs and with no side effects, thus lowering your risk of heart disease. Instead of focusing on what you can’t eat, the Portfolio Diet is about what you can add to your menu! Because it is a complex daily process, we created CardioBar as the easiest option, one that is delicious and provides a balanced dessert or between meal nutritious snack as well. 

About Us


 Future Foods® , Inc. (FFI) was created 38 years ago, in 1981, to address the need for pioneering new products based on current research and available raw materials to produce effective supplements and food sources.

Future Foods® are in fact often ancient foods, often presented in new forms. Cranberries, for example, are excellent for a variety of anti bacterial applications. Future Foods launched the first pill that contained the equivalent activity of a whole bottle of cranberry juice, without the added sugar. Ancient food became a future food in a new format.

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