Medical Food Group is the division of Future Foods that co-developed the US market introduction of Alpha GPC.

Our independent biochemist and business associate discovered this unique prescription natural product while reviewing EU pharmacology agents used for enhanced memory and brain performance along with other performance benefits.  Alpha GPC has gained a foothold in many sports beverage, wellness tonics, and related nutraceuticals.

The initial product Medical Food Group designed and manufactured is Cardio Pro Bar seen at our Cardio Bar Website.


Cardio Pro Picture

This product is based on a published JAMA article that the author published where he presented proof his regime of 5 natural products taken together would lower cholesterol as good as stating drugs.  We succeeded in placing these ingredients in a bar format, and launched it with great market acceptance and endorsements by the sports community.

As we were well ahead of the medical food curve, we licensed this to a large clinical nutrition company, the owner has since passed away and this project is being brought back to life as it were to address the healthy consumer's appetite for functional nutrition.