Lippelt, Dechent & Tan Papers

These papers demonstrate that that typical choline salts (e.g. choline chloride and choline bitartrate) are not involved in brain metabolism.  Only A-GPC is effective in brain metabolism.  In fact, our parent company, Italfarmaco S.p.A., sells A-GPC for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, stroke, coma, and age related cognitive decline.  Bottom line: Supplements that have choline bitartrate as their choline source are ineffective in functions involving brain processing, including memory, recall, task learning, and focus.  AlphaSize® A-GPC on the other hand is effective in brain processing tasks as well as at the motor neuron.  A-GPC is the most significant choline donor nutrient in existence – providing instantaneous biosynthesis to acetylcholine for immediate brain processing and motor unit engagement of contractile muscle  = explosive power output, agility, eye-hand coordination, and improved brain processing activities.